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Virtual Visits

During the Covid-19 outbreak Dr. Whittaker is offering TeleHealth Virtual Visits

Dr. Whittaker can help your family over your smartphone or computer, by doing a virtual visit for sick visits and behavioral health/mental health visits. In order to limit exposure, if your child is having symptoms please call our office at 503-554-0036 to schedule a virtual visit with Dr. Whittaker.

If requesting a virtual visit it would be helpful to have:

  1. Thermometer to check your child’s temperature
  2. Accurate weight of your child
  3. Bright flashlight to help us look in your child’s mouth and throat.

We are currently scheduling in-office Well Child Exams for children and are scheduling those during set time blocks different from Sick Child Exams to limit exposure.  If your child is in need of their Well Child Exam please call our office at 503-554-0036 to schedule.

Call: 503-554-0036

Phones are answered and office is open 8:30 am - 5:00 pm  Monday-Friday.

After Hours: Please call the office at 503-554-0036 and follow the prompts to be connected to our Physicians Answering Service.